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Helpful Information About Dr. Melissa Quinn

Are you thinking of getting the professional help of a psychiatrist? If you are, then you probably have a lot of questions! This list of frequently asked questions is intended to be helpful for potential, new, and existing patients alike who are looking for information about their treatment options and our process at the office of Dr. Melissa Quinn.

Keep reading for questions and answers on the following topics:

  • Psychiatry
  • Medication
  • Payment
  • Scheduling & Rescheduling
  • Appointments


A psychiatrist diagnoses and treats of disorders of thinking, feeling, and/or behavior. They have the medical training of a physician, combined with the same professional ethics and a knowledge of biological, psychological, and social factors when working with patients. Psychiatrists examine and evaluate patients issues based on physical, genetic, developmental, emotional, cognitive, educational, family, peer, and social components. This allows them to arrive at a diagnosis that they are able to share with the patient and to create a treatment plan that takes all of these components into consideration. The psychiatrist may suggest individual, group, or family psychotherapy; medication; and/or consultation with other physicians or professionals. Psychiatrists are also advocates for the best interests of their patients.

Yes, psychiatrists can diagnose mental illness. However, therapy may be referred to a different qualified professional.

Yes, psychiatrists can prescribe medication for diagnosed conditions


In certain cases, it is absolutely possible to manage your attention or behavioral disorder without medication. As an integrative and holistic psychiatrist, I seek to create a treatment plan that utilizes natural supplements and methods before turning to conventional medications. In some situations, medications may be unnecessary or at least a minimal part of a patient’s treatment plan.

Integrative method is an approach to medical treatment that integrates holistic, alternative supplements and practices with conventional medication. For example, I might prescribe natural supplements and lifestyle changes to a patient together with a prescription, instead of prescribing medication alone.

n order to receive refills of medications, you are responsible to make an appointment to see me in person at least once every other month. Please anticipate any refill needs and discuss it during the office visit. Calling in a refill rather than having an in person appointment  is considered a courtesy and is not guaranteed. Requests for refills may take up to 72 hours and are not done on weekends or holidays.

Patients on medication are responsible for getting blood work done every six months to a year depending on which medication they are on. Some medications require more frequent testing.I will provide you with a lab slip to have bloodwork done.

It is your responsibility to notify Dr Quinn immediately of any side effects of your medication.


A deposit is taken over the phone to secure our first appointment. Payment is due at the conclusion of every session.

I am not a contracted provider with any insurance companies or medi-cal. Check your health insurance coverage for Out-of-Network outpatient mental health care to determine your possible reimbursement. Services are not rendered on the basis that your insurance company will reimburse you. If requested, I will provide you with an insurance statement with the appropriate billing and diagnostic codes that you can use to submit to insurance.

Scheduling & Rescheduling

  • Failure to provide 48-hour notice and missed appointments will be billed at full fee.
  • Patients not seen for over 3 months or have missed 2 consecutive appointments will need to be seen for a re-evaluation before medications can be refilled.
  • Frequent cancellations and/or missed appointments could result in discontinuation of treatment.

Please call at least 48-hours in advance to reschedule. Cancellations or reschedules with less than 48 hours notice will be billed at full fee.

Patients must come in for an appointment at least every other month in order to continue to prescribe medication.


Initial evaluations are generally 90 minutes. Follow up sessions can be 25 or 50 minutes depending on the case. Family/couples sessions are 80 minutes.

Yes. All in-person, telephone, and video appointments are 100% confidential. No information will be released without your consent, with the following exception: I am required by law to report suspected child or elder abuse, domestic violence, and take action when a patient is considered to be a danger to themselves or others.

Please also note that email is not a confidential means of communication. I cannot guarantee that I will receive your email messages or be able to respond promptly. Please avoid communicating any confidential or personal information via email.

Yes. While in-person appointments are preferred, telephone and video-appointments are an option for follow up appointments in in select situations. Telephone and video calls are recognized as patient care by the American Medical Association, so they can replace in-person appointments at my discretion. Note that these appointments are only available to established patients and are charged at the regular rate.
My initial evaluation is approximately 90 minutes long. This allows me to get to know your family so that I can provide a comprehensive evaluation before making any diagnoses or treatment recommendations. During that time I will be working as a consultant to your family. If we feel that we are a good fit at the end of the Intake process, and you would like to continue working with me, then your child will become an established patient.
Yes. I offer 80-minute sessions for families/couples.

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