Your First Appointment

Your First Psychiatric Appointment

What to Expect & How to Prepare

Your first appointment with a psychiatrist may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! I am Dr. Melissa Quinn, a double board-certified psychologist in Los Angeles offering a welcoming, comfortable space for patients to seek treatment improve their mental health.

Keep reading for helpful information on what you can expect at your first appointment with a psychiatrist, as well as tips on how to prepare for the most successful initial appointment possible. Please visit my FAQ page for further information to help you learn more about me and the methods I use!

What Happens During a Psychiatric Appointment

Before your first appointment with a psychiatrist, you probably have a lot of questions. Some of the most common ones include:
  • What will my psychiatrist ask me?
  • What does a psychiatrist do for anxiety/depression?
  • Do psychiatrists drug test on a first visit?
  • How long are psychiatrist sessions?
Put your mind at ease. Your psychiatrist is your ally whose goal is to help you. Appointment anxiety is normal and is caused by thinking the appointment will be harder or worse than it will be. It won’t be difficult! Simply be prepared to provide relevant information (see the “Preparation” section below) and answer your psychiatrist questions about:
  • Your medical history
  • Any family history of psychiatric issues
  • What brings you in to see them
  • How you’re doing
  • What answers/solutions you are looking for
As a psychiatrist, I understand the appointment anxiety you may be feeling and promise to make your first appointment as comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing as possible.

Psychiatrist Appointment Preparation

So how do you prepare for your first appointment with a psychiatrist? It’s pretty simple! Here are a few tips to help your first psychiatric appointment run smoothly.
First, take a couple of days before your appointment to reflect on what you’re struggling with, what you need help with, and the solutions you are looking for. Write down notes, if it helps. Any information about your situation and your goals can help your psychiatrist during your initial visit.
Next, prepare lists of information to provide your psychiatrist. These lists can include:
  • Past & present medications, including the dates and frequency you took them
  • Family health & psychiatric history
  • Medical concerns & existing diagnoses
Lastly, think about all the good that a mental health professional can do for you! Taking that first step by seeing a psychiatrist could change so much for you and your loved ones. Focus on how this appointment could be your means of managing your anxiety and taking your life back into your own hands.

Take that first step! Contact me online or call now to schedule your first appointment with a psychiatrist in Los Angeles.